Sony STR-313L

PICT0022 Str 313l
This was a bit of mess when I got it! The faults were:
  1. Tuner not soldered in correctly - no AM!
  2. Tuner cogwheel assembly had no backlash tension
  3. Channel control transistors soldered in the wrong way
  4. Tuning photo-detectors failing
  5. stereo mpx mis-adjusted
  6. stereo lamp blown (replaced by zener+led)
  7. very very dirty - nicotine cleaned off with alcohol

The Sony 1978-1979 Sony Hi-Fi program brochure

brochure.jpg In german.. hi-fi-program-78-79_german.pdf (4.9MB)


PICT0022 (372.7kB)
PICT0022 (372.7kB)


STR 313L01 (732.4kB)
STR 313L01 (732.4kB)
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