Pioneer SX-800

Sx800 06 Sx800 05
This is a valve (tube) amp that I have just bought - so I only have the pictures too!
We'll see how it it when it arrives.
Rare Pioneer AM/FM Stereo tube receiver from the 1960s, with bass, balance, treble, filter, and muting adjustments. 6BQ5 power output tubes give this receiver a power rating of roughly 15 watts per channel.

Specifications (1960s)
Power output RMS (20Hz-20kHz)15WPC (8/16 ohm)
TechnologyAll tube, 6BQ5s
Tuner (AM/FM) Stereo multiplex
Voltage 115/230 volts
Weight 22.5lb


SX 800 (3.0MB)
SX 800 (3.0MB)


PICT0031 (513.6kB)
PICT0031 (513.6kB)
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