Pioneer SX-535

SX 535bw Sx 535
This is sort of a baby pioneer, rescued from the scrap bin. It came in with a couple of bent knobs, and an amp fault which showed up later. The pot shafts were heated with a soldering iron and bent back, and the whole front given a bit of a clean.
There was a dodgy transister in the feedback circuit which varied when you touched it - so easy to identify! After a bit of detective work I put in a new pnp of suitable voltage - but with a bit less gain. This made the channel louder - so I changed the other side too. Replacing a couple of electrolytics with tantalums completed the fix - all the panel lamps were fine anyway. Funnily it sounds better than the sx-838, which is cool..

Specifications (1974-1975)
Power output RMS (20Hz-20kHz)20WPC (8 ohm) 22WPC (4 ohm)
THD 0.08-0.8%
Damping factor (8ohm, 1kHz) >30
Tuner sens (FM) 1.9uV, sel 60dB, s/n 70dB
Tuner distortion (FM) Mono <0.2%, Stereo <0.4%
Weight 22.5lb
Cost when new $299
SX 535bw (41.6kB)
SX 535bw (41.6kB)
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