Sony ST-313L

Dscf0005 St 313l
Bought this and the SA-313 pair for £5 with their mains leads cut off, this was my first rennaisance set. Added mains leads, and both worked perfectly. The tuner is pretty cool, having special electro-magnetic preset markers, one set for FM, one for AM. You tune up to one, grab it by pressing a button, and slide it along as you tune. You can then select FM/MW/LW/SW or Auto. Auto mode looks at the markers as you tune and switches bands as you get to them. Groovey!

Specifications (-)
Tuner sens (FM) 1.8uV, sel 45dB, s/n 70dB
Tuner distortion (FM) Mono <0.2%, Stereo <0.4%
Tuner bands FM, MW, LW, SW
Notes Unique preset system. Shortwave!!
Dscf0005 (135.2kB)
Dscf0005 (135.2kB)
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