Rotel RX-202

Rotel RX-202 picture
This amp initially arrived with a scratchy and quiet left hand channel - traced to a dud 10uF coupling capacitor. Not a heavyweight amp, but looks pretty. Only two transformer windings, lamps and main. Single ended amps mean sound is not super, but they've hidden the switch-on thump normally associated with this type of design (anyone remember the Goodmans module 80 woofer workout?) - I suspect simply by forcing the amp to a power rail on start up, and letting it drift to the centre voltage slowly.
Dreadful tuning scale design - took a while to persuade it not to jam up after going half-way down the scale. Stereo capture not great either. Cute but no cigar, out-performed and outclassed by Pioneer and Sansui.

Specifications (1974-1979)
Power output RMS ()15WPC (8 ohm)
Cost when new $230
Notes Bizarre 4-channel switch + resistor on the back. all connectors DIN
Rotelrx202 (47.5kB)
Rotelrx202 (47.5kB)
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