Classic audio - Pioneer, Sansui, Aiwa, Leak, Sony

This page maps some retro, mainly Japanese Hi-Fi. Since the 70's when these started being made, Hi-Fi has come a long way. However, quality has crossed over with cost - modern stuff is relatively much cheaper but not always better.

Some Schematics are also here - see descriptions below

They don't build them like they used to!

With modern hi-fi the creed is 'less is more'. In retro audio happily this philosophy is reversed, resulting in the rather more natural 'more is more' approach.

This means that the more aluminiun, knobs, switches, lamps, dials, power etc the better.
The look to go for is big, brutish, heavy and massively over-engineered. Usually the power of the big beasts is such that by sheer control and huge damping factors they can sound pretty good too. So that new Musical Fidelity might get a better write up in the Hi-Fi press which they advertize in - but the big 20year old Pioneer will show it whose boss.

Speakers is the area where expensive modern stuff can better 70s and 80s stuff, if the money is put into the product, but FM receivers and amplifiers haven't moved that far - except for remote controlled volume controls!

Sony STR-313L + Schematics + Brochure

Str 313l PICT0022

Sony ST-313L

Dscf0005 St 313l

Sony SA-313

Sa 313 Dscf0005

Aiwa AX7600

No photo yet - later!

Rotel RX-202


Pioneer SX-535 + Schematics

SX 535bw Sx 535

Pioneer SX-800 (tube) + Schematics (also for sx800a)

Sx800 08 PICT0032 Sx800 01

Pioneer SX-838 + Schematics

Dscf0004 Dscf0001 Dscf0002

Pioneer SX-780

Sx 780

Pioneer SX-880

PICT0017 Sx 880

Pioneer SX-1080 + Schematics

Sx 1080 PICT0004 1 Sx 1080 Interior

Sansui 220 (tube) + Schematics

PICT0038 Sansui 220

Sansui 250 (tube)

Sansui 250

Sansui 1000A (tube) + Schematics

Sansui1000a PICT0007 schematics 1000A

Sansui 5000X (solid state)

Sansui 5000x

Sansui 661 + Manual


Sansui G-7000


Leak 3900A Integrated amplifier

Leak3900a PICT0005 PICT0008
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