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Super-Fi on a Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi is basically the computer in a smart phone put onto a useful PCB for people to play with. As such it's an ARM processor running Linux (Raspbian - based on the Debian Linux distribution).

This makes it a VERY useful machine because Linux has many distinct advantages over Windows - not least its efficiency, flexibility and ease of maintainance and upgrade. The one above is the Model B with a Quad core CPU and recommended for HiFi use due to its speed, multiple cores, RAM size, WiFi and USB. It also has usefully a RJ45 network socket to speed up the transfers of songs to it. As it uses so little power it can be left on permanently with a microUSB wall charger to power it.

Essentially this runs the SeeDeClip4 'headless slave' script and allows you to play your declipped music in 24 bits into your DAC which will be plugged into one of the USB ports. This allows newly declipped tracks to be downloaded as 24bit WAVs and played directly by Linux ALSA into your DAC.

  • Go HERE (0 bytes) for information about setting up the Pi as a SeeDeClip4 SuperFi source.
  • Products and resellers HERE.

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