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Welcome to SeeDeClip4 Declipping Music Server (DMS)

Cutestudio is proud to present the next generation of the famous SeeDeClip program.

A scalable, multi-user home audio solution for
the whole family with above CD quality sound.


Why do I need SeeDeClip4?

There are lots of music players around for free that run on many platforms, including the odd webapp one too, so why SeeDeClip4?

SeeDeClip4 has a couple of unique features specially designed for today's modern digital music. With vinyl and the early CD the studio sound was merely digitized and put onto the CD. Since then however there's been huge progress in making everyone's music sound much louder than everyone elses. To do this the record industry uses a clever mechanism that works like this:


You can see your own copies of this process by examining a track from your music collection with the Audacity program or with SeeDeClip4.
While this process is excellent for making the music much louder, it also has the rather undesirable side effect of removing all the dynamics from the music and rendering HiFi redundant, which is why no one buys it these days.

The only widely available exception to this process is the special 'Mastered For iTunes' releases where Apple has stepped in and demanded a reasonable standard for it's premium customers.

For the listener who is interested in good sound and hasn't re-bought all their digital music in this format SeeDeClip4 offers the first two points below which improve smoothness, listenability and the dynamics of such music.

  1. Each track is analysed and marked for mastering quality so you can select the best mastered track.
    Look at the text colours in the tracklist in the screenshot above for an example (there are 3 different selectable quality indicators).
    When you look down the list of songs for an artist; at a glance one can avoid the dodgy remasters and their ruined, clipped waveforms and pick the earlier copies that are generally much higher quality. This makes a big difference to the quality of the sound, SeeDeClip4 will help you find an original, clip free sound if you have it. So SeeDeClip4 gives you two ways to avoid the scourge of clipping, 1) selection and 2) repair.


    This information is useful because you can't just assume earlier recording is better and all things are equal, there can be huge variation even in the same album. Grading take account of dynamic range, degree of clipping, the largest clip and the peak levels.

    Grading Basis Other conditions
    ACE Dynamic range > 15 dB and PPM < 40
    Additionally it must have a peak level >= -4 dB
    GOOD Dynamic range > 13.7 dB and PPM < 500
    or a demoted ACE with a peak level < -4 dB
    FAIR Dynamic range > 12.3 dB and PPM < 1500
    or a demoted ACE with a peak level < -8 dB
    or a demoted GOOD with a peak level < -4 dB
    POOR Dynamic range > 11 dB and PPM < 2500
    or a demoted FAIR with a max clip > 100 samples
    AWFUL PPM < 3500
    or a demoted POOR with a max clip > 100 samples
    DIRE PPM >= 3500

    These ratings are based on the examination of several thousand different digital tracks through the decades.

    • Dynamic range: peak magnitude - RMS
    • PPM: Parts per million of the song in a clip. I.e. a measure of the missing data while pinned at full magnitude.
    • Max clip: The length of a clip.

    Note: this is a measure of mastering quality which like any link in the audio chain influences audio quality. Like those other links however it cannot improve the original recording quality, i.e. it won't fix a dodgy piano.

  2. The music is declipped (Lite + Pro edition)


    Clipping of digital music has become endemic and ruins the quality and sound of most music tracks these days. Here at cutestudio the damage became so audible and sad that we developed SeeDeClip4 so that each time we listen to any of our music, the damage can be repaired to the best standard we could. Because it's declipped just before we listen, any updates in the declipping technology are then immediately beneficial.

    Smoothness and dynamics are enhanced because replacing the sharp clip edges with rounded waveforms reduces the HF contribution from the clip and adds area to the waveform - which must of course be louder. Reduction of the HF harmonic distortion is especially useful because waveforms with a 'squarish' shape tend to be high in odd-order harmonics that sound unpleasant.

  3. It organises your music properly.
    Few people's music is organised on their computers in a perfect way. SeeDeClip4 has different selectable options as to the priority of built in meta-data and directory layout, so for ordered Artist/Album/Track rips you are no longer confronted with an anonymous list of thousands of alphabetical track names.

  4. You don't have to listen to the music on the PC you installed SeeDeClip4 on.
    Because you install SeeDeClip4 on a PC/laptop but can then operate it from another device you get the following benefits:

    1. You can access a bigger audio collection that would fit on your listening PC/Tablet/Phone
    2. You don't need a silent PC because it can live in a different room. A big fast games PC will do nicely, away from the listening area.
    3. Even on the HiFi in the study you can listen to your music library, declipped.
    4. On your exercise bike in the home gym you can still listen to the best of your favourite music, declipped as required.

  5. You don't have to listen to the same PC/Tablet/Phone that you are selecting the tracks from.
    Any PC/Tablet/Phone immediately turns into a audio remote control when you click/touch the 'Remote' button. For example:

    • Installed on PC A you can access the music on PC A.
    • Installed on PC A you can access the music on PC/Tablet/Phone B.
    • Installed on PC A you can choose your music on PC/Tablet/Phone B (the 'remote') and listen to it on PC/Tablet/Phone C (the slave).
      Pro edition feature 'Remote/slave', C is connected to your HiFi, the music travels from A to C over the Wifi, managed by you on B.

  6. It runs on almost anything.
    The SeeDeClip4 music server runs on any Windows, Linux or Apple PC or laptop.
    The client you listen on (or use as a remote control) can be the server itself or any device running a decent web browser (Wifi/LAN required):

    • Chromebook
    • Android Tablet
    • Android phone
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • iPod Touch
    • Windows/OS X/Linux PC

    So now you can listen to your music or experiment in the declipping studio while sitting in the garden armed just with a tablet.

  7. Learning to love Centralised Storage.
    Storing all your music in one place but being able to access that collection from any device means you only have one collection to manage, and the work you put into that collection can be appreciated from around the house.

  8. SeeDeClip4 is MultiUser.
    It's common for people living together to have different musical tastes. While SeeDeClip4 catalgues all the music you ask it to into one large database, 2 or more people can be playing their own playlists and music without any impact on the other listeners (Wifi speed and PC performance permitting!).

    At Cutestudio we regularly test it with 3 or 4 different random plays running at the same time - all from the same SeeDeClip4 installation.

    The only (current) restriction is that if you refresh the webpage you'll get the last user's defaults - so you may need to re-select your own playlist again. This limitation is a known 'feature' and will disappear at some future update.

  9. It has a 'Song stack'.
    When you click on the first track it starts playing. The next track is determined by the choice of Random, Playlist, Repeat etc.
    Often when listening we think of a track we'd like to play next, but we want to wait until the current song is finished. Therefore when you click on the next track it's added to the stack to be played next, and does not interrupt the current song.

    You can keep on adding to this list, if you have added say 3 tunes and you decide the next one really should be played next, clicking the song again will promote it to the top. Click it again to remove it. So it's Click 1 (added to the bottom of the list), Click 2 (promoted to play next), Click 3 (discarded fro the list).
    Ideal for both evening listening a DJ type tune selection for parties.
    Clicking on the artwork brings up the list and scrolls to the current track. Clicking on a song in the song-stack scrolls to that song.

    If you really want to interrupt the current song, press 'Next':

  10. Smart duplicate management
    Another music collection issue is one of duplicate and almost duplicate tracks. Duplicates are easily ignored, but when MP3s, FLACs and WAVs of the same track are found SeeDeClip4 picks out the best artwork and audio format to present and play.

  11. UNICODE to UTF8 support

    Pour les éléphants ..

These features are only possible because SeeDeClip4 is a webapp. If it was a regular application these features would not exist. Please read the next section to see how the webapp nature of SeeDeClip4 makes this possible.

What is SeeDeClip4?

To get the most from SeeDeClip4 it's required to know what it is to a deeper level than with a regular application.
Once installed on your PC it is just an application of course, but all the info and audio is not directly sent to the various bits in the PC, but instead it's sent into network 'sockets', to travel on the yellow brick road or 'Networking Layer' in the diagram below..

In the diagram below the big grey rectangle is your PC, this shows how your music arrives at your speakers through SeeDeClip4:


As you can see, SeeDeClip4 reads your music and then talks to the Networking Layer. This is both the reason for it's flexibility and scalability, but also a source of huge confusion. In this diagram the PC itself has got a nice view of the tracks up on the screen and is currently playing AC/DC's Kissin' Dynamite through the speakers.

The actual SeeDeClip4 program is merely streaming rather boring text and binary data streams into the Networking Layer, it's the browser that reads this data and converts it into lists, art and music for us. The orange GUI path and Audio path shows the overall path of info and music as it reaches you, the user.

Networking Layer??

Imagine this yellow Networking Layer layer as a road, with a series of little delivery vans. The info (artwork, lists etc) + audio data is chopped into packets and send in the trucks to the specified address. In this case the trucks only have to drive across the road, so it's very fast and the WiFi is not used.

Now imagine a distant iPad on the Wifi asks for some info + music, in that case the requested data is not shipped across to the other side of the road, instead those little trucks zip up the road to the WiFi terminal and the data gets loaded onto the airwaves and sent out over Wifi to the iPad. It's like a giant postal system. In fact that's why they are called packets.

This yellow brick road de-couples SeeDeClip4 from your PC. Sure you can access it from your PC (driving those trucks just across the road), but you can also access it from anything on your local WiFi/LAN too, even at the same time. Imagine figuratively snapping your PC in two along that yellow Network Layer on the diagram, the LHS could then be a cheap fast (noisy) PC in the garage and the RHS could be a laptop in the study or/and an iPad in the lounge at the HiFi.
Neither side would really know the difference, just the address changes and the journey takes a few ms longer..


Because of the Networking layer many different people in the house can all be listening to different things all at the same time, all thanks to that little yellow brick road connecting everything together. This concept also has other benefits:

  1. A browser is excellent at text, layout, lists and controls and graphics
  2. A browser can find and drive the audio on devices with HiFi quality (except for Microsoft IE).
  3. The boring stuff to send web browsers is very well documented and standardised.
  4. The program has to only be written and maintained once, to be accessible from any device with a decent browser.

Techies often refer to this Networking layer as 'TCP/IP' and access them by things called 'Sockets'.

Each device on your local LAN/Wifi will have a local address, these local addresses are a special limited subset of possible addresses that are locked out of the internet. There are two local address regions, 192.168.X.X and 10.0.X.X. Which ones your computer uses is as abitrary as your own house number on your street, and largly irrelevant because when SeeDeClip4 starts, the address will be visible in the home page of Seedeclip4 which opens when you press 'Start'.

These local addresses are how those little trucks on the yellow brick road know where to bring the requests for data and where to deliver their packets, just like the local post office.

SeeDeClip4 does not use the Internet

The internet is full of websites that you browse with a 'web' browser. In fact you are doing that now because you are reading this info. One may assume therefore that all websites live on the internet. This however is false, and a 'web' browser is really an HTTP/HTML browser.

For instance work may have a company intranet on the company LAN (LAN = local area network), usually with Wifi too. It will be a fascinating website of mugshots and mission statements. That will just be running on some PC jammed into the server room in IT.

So what is SeeDeClip4? Well, it's a small music website that you install on your PC so you can listen to your music anywhere in the home.


As you can see in the diagram, internet traffic is seperate and unrelated to any LAN traffic like SeeDeClip4 streaming songs etc. Listening to songs on SeeDeClip4 doesn't use the internet so your internet bandwidth and data is unaffected.

Supported Browsers

Microsoft IE won't support HTML5 HiFi audio, you may have trouble with Blackberry and Windows Mobile too.

Please use a better browser like:






Please study the two sections above to gain an understanding of what SeeDeClip4 can do you you.
It takes a while to 'get it', but when you do you'll never go back to device based players.

Question? Answer!
Does it need the internet?

The dotted lines in the internet diagram above
No. Once installed and updated the internet is not required unless you want to download image artwork or download a program update.
  • Nothing is ever uploaded to the internet

For instance when you upload your Pro/Lite key to SeeDeClip4 it just gets uploaded to your own PC that's running SeeDeClip4, because that's where the website lives. In your own PC, on your own LAN.
Does it use my Wifi?

The solid lines in the internet diagram above
If you install and access it on a single PC:
  • the Wifi is neither used or needed
If you run SeeDeClip4 on PC A and play the music on PC/Tablet/Phone B or C
  • then Wifi is needed to stream the music across.
Why would I use SeeDeClip4? Try accessing a 300GB music library - on a noisy PC in the hallway - from a tablet on the sofa - with the declipped sound coming out of your HiFi across the room - with a conventional media player.

For Hi-Fi buffs the remote / slave feature is most useful, you can be sitting on the sofa with a tablet playing the sounds on your Hifi with another phone/tablet/PC sending the audio out. Keeping a noisy PC out of the listening area is also a huge benefit.

The SeeDeClip4 audio path

SeeDeClip4 has bundled audio decoders that allows it to analyse and play:

  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • Ogg/Vorbis
  • Ogg/Flac
  • M4a
  • WAV (a native format, no import required)

The internal audio path is therefore like this:

Disk filesImport Process Streaming
MP3 etc Convert to WAV Declip/level etc. Direct streaming as WAV
Declip/level etc. Direct streaming as WAV

Once read in SeeDeClip4 can then stream and/or present the waveforms for both before and after, and some views like the Studio and Explore/Track view allow you to compare them side by side.


SeeDeClip also gives you views by track, playlist, album and artist, and the Studio view. Below is the track view, just click on the waveform below the artwork.


  • SeeDeClip4 does not write the processed files back to disk, the concept is that your disk files stay original so that when you change settings or the declip algorithm is improved you immediately get the benefit.
  • The WAV output is an uncompressed HiFi format, 24bit is selectable in the Pro edition.
  • From the Studio page you can download the de-clipped (WAV) track if you need the audio file in it's declipped form (Declipping is a Lite/Pro feature).
    Below is the Studio with a dodgy remaster (remasters are usually much worse than the original, in this case the original was perfect).

SeeDeClip4 Lite and Pro editions


Summary of application:

  1. The Free edition is a useful, solid music player that allows you to pick the best mastered tracks and to see how you get on with the program. It's a good way to see what you are playing and to organise your music.

  2. The Lite edition adds declipping and dither for the audio fan who wants to play modern pop without their ears hurting. This creates above CD quality but keeps the 16bit output.

  3. The Pro edition is for the HiFi fan, with 24bit output, fine declipping control and the essential remote-slave system it's the obvious choice for any HiFi Buff who wants to play undistorted music.

Feature spread:

SeeDeClip4 Features
and versions
Standard player
DMS Lite features
DMS Pro features
Music player
24bit output

SeeDeClip4 Lite edition

flag_en.png £9.99

SeeDeClip4 Pro edition

flag_en.png £24.99


On receipt of your order a software key is emailed to you. When it arrives you need to upload it in the 'Update' page.
To get there, go to the 'Settings' page (always available from the left hand menu of buttons), and then select the 'Update' button:
Then select the file, and upload it (see the image below).


When you click 'Upload' your key is just uploaded to your local copy of SeeDeClip4, on your PC.

Delivery times:
  • The paypal/delivery process is not automated, download details are generally sent out at 8pm UK time. Please email us if you have not received your program details within 12 hours. Thank-you.

Purchase entitles you to all fixes/upgrades.

Key Note
Available in Lite but more feature tuning options in Pro.
If you have previously bought SeeDeClip V3 you don't need to buy another licence, just use your old V3 key.
Not yet implemented, feature will appear in a later update.

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