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Please read the main page before using and downloading SeeDeClip4.
It's downloaded and installed just like any regular app, but you access it via a web browser.

Any of these web browsers will work well:






Please note: Microsoft IE doesn't support HTML5 HiFi audio.
Or therefore, SeeDeClip4's audio, which uses HTML5 HiFi..

SystemDownload link
Windows WIN32_SeeDeClipV4.0.9.exe (1.0MB)
Apple Mac (Intel) APPLE64_SeeDeClipV4.0.9.dmg (414.2kB)

Please note that all servers run best on Linux, like Debian 8 for instance - in this respect the SeeDeClip4 music server is no exception.
Please click on the 'Linux' menu button to the left to download the Linux 32 and 64bit versions.

Setup: Windows, OS X/Mac

After downloading and opening the program expect warning messages like:

  1. Unknown Publisher!

    We're not enrolled in any Microsoft Developer program and we don't use any Microsoft tools.
  2. Are you really really sure?

    All programs have been scanned by Metadefender.
    Additionally SeeDeClip4 itself has an internal anti-tamper security checksum.
  3. Allow switch to intranet security

    Win7's IE may ask this, answer no, SeeDeClip4 works fine with the higher security levels. However as IE's audio is broken, so you'll be installing a decent browser anyway; making this question irrelevant.

Running the program: The SeeDeClip4 console

Windows and OS X both have a small GUI console present when successfully installed and opened that looks like this:
Press 'Start' to run the SeeDeClip4 web server


This will also open a webpage for you, additionally it may start scanning directories for music and analysing for quality.
Also expect a message like this:

  • The program wants to open port 8000, allow or deny?

    Click on 'Yes' or 'Allow'.


    When you have downloaded and setup the setup/boot program you'll see an update page.
    So the first action is to 'Check for Updates' to get the latest version selected in the list.


    Then click on 'Install' to install the latest update.
    You may expect another 'The program wants to open port 8000, allow or deny?' question.

    You should now see the main home page of the updated program.


    And can now explore your music:


    Read the Quick Start Guide

    Once you are up and running, please access the Quick-Start guide from SeeDeClip4 to setup your music.
    It's available through the Help → Quick Start menu, and from this direct link:


    This is a link to 'localhost' - it doesn't use the internet or LAN/Wifi, it just talks to your local PC. SeeDeClip lives at port 8000 so this address is just saying 'take me to the local program on port 8000' - which is the SeeDeClip4 you just installed.


    • Both OS X and Linux run faster and smoother than Windows, so if you have the choice run it on those.
    • It's best to run it on a PC that has the music files on its local hard disk for speed, any decent 1GHz machine will work well but obviously the faster the better, as with all computer servers.
    • The user running SeeDeClip4 must have read access to the music files, and if you want drag-n-drop folder art to work you'll also need write access to the directories too. If things are not working as you think they should, look in the Log page from Settings.
    • Remember - unlike most apps - you do not have to use SeeDeClip4 on the computer you installed it on!

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