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Interested in creating music all of her life Annie moved to LA and became a music teacher, shaping the next generation of musical talent, and something perhaps a few other musicians should consider!

Later when her talent was spotted, signed to Capitol Records she warmed up with 'There Is A Story Here' EP in the summer of 2006 and then went on to make and release the world class album 'Fool' the next year even as Capitol itself fell on hard times.

Now Independent Annie branched out to create two EPs in 2009 - available on her Bandcamp as Hard-City/Little House. These EPs continue the life filled, powerful and incisive lyrics and performance that characterizes her work, the expertly crafted songs perhaps benefiting from her experience of teaching music to others.

In 2011 she then created the 'William' EP which is a fun collection of songs connected with the name 'William', but still containing masterpieces of music. This is a free download on Bandcamp so make the most of it!

Then Annie moved forward to Pledge Music and Bandcamp to create a fan-driven, totally independent album, following in the footsteps of many artists who found greater artistic freedom away from the confines of contracts - such as George Micheal, Tom Petty, Mick Hucknall, Mariah Carey etc..
Whiplash Blues was the result and is a compelling mix of styles, a more observational album from her previous, more introspective work.

A characteristic of Annies music is a solid basis of quality lyrics, with an endearing blend of dynamic variation, harmonic variation and some gripping melodies and riffs. There's always light and shade, tonal color, strength and delicacy, a refreshing change to Radio Bland of today's mainstream playlist.




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2006 There Is A Story Here EP


2007 Fool


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2009 Hard City EP


2009 Little House EP


2011 William EP


2014 Whiplash Blues


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2019 ......


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